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cosmetic dentist in LivoniaWhen you have a healthy and beautiful smile, it improves your confidence and overall well-being. At the practice of Timothy Thomas, DDS, we offer excellent cosmetic dental services to fit your unique needs. From veneers to teeth whitening, our team is ready to help you meet your cosmetic goals.

Since 1987, we've offered quality cosmetic dentistry to Livonia and its surrounding communities. We pair in-depth procedural knowledge with timeless hospitality to craft your ideal smile in a comfortable environment. Call us today to schedule your next visit!


Our Excellent Cosmetic Dentistry Offerings

At Timothy Thomas, DDS, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions in Livonia to accommodate the various needs of our patients. Below are some of the cosmetic treatments you can expect at our practice.

When you come for treatment at our practice, our Livonia cosmetic dentist will evaluate your dental health. Doing so allows our team to establish your smile needs, as well as the best treatment options for you. We also use non-metal and amalgam-free restorations to ensure you get the smile you desire without compromising your safety.

Fillings to Restore & Protect Your Teeth

Dental fillings are ideal for repairing minor dental cavities, fractures, or worn teeth. Our practice uses white composite fillings due to their aesthetic value. Composite fillings are a popular choice as they are tooth-colored and bond easily with teeth, thus strengthening the enamel. They can also fit into small spaces, making them excellent for small cracks or cavities. Since composite fillings do not require removing much of your enamel, they conserve most of your natural tooth structure.

Dental Crowns to Renew Your Smile

Livonia cosmetic dentistryDental crowns are caps that cover the visible portion of your tooth to protect, strengthen, or improve the appearance of your tooth. Some common reasons for dental crowns include repairing a severely decayed tooth, reshaping worn or misshapen teeth, correcting dental cracks and fractures, and protecting your tooth after root canal therapy. You can choose dental crowns as an individual treatment or as part of your full mouth rejuvenation. We match our dental crowns to your natural teeth to give you natural-looking results.

Versatile Veneers for Beautiful Teeth

Veneers offer a simple way to address multiple tooth imperfections at once. They are thin shells that attach to the front of your tooth. Below are some of the issues you can correct with veneers.

  • Severe tooth discoloration
  • Cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Unwanted tooth gaps

Veneer placement typically takes up to two dental visits. On your first visit, our Livonia cosmetic dentist will slightly shave your tooth's enamel before taking impressions of your teeth. We then send the impressions to a lab to create custom veneers that fit your teeth perfectly. Once your veneers are ready, our team will test them to ensure they fit your smile before securing them in place.

Affordable Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is an affordable alternative to veneers and dental crowns for repairing damage or improving your tooth's appearance. During the process, our dentist will buff your enamel and apply composite resin to your tooth.

Bonding can help you correct tooth discoloration, as well as cracked or chipped teeth. You can also close minor tooth gaps with bonding. If your teeth have suffered damage from teeth grinding or you're looking for full mouth rejuvenation, tooth bonding can help you meet your smile goals.

Replacement Solutions for Missing Teeth

Our practice offers conventional and implant-supported tooth replacement solutions to restore the function of your bite and complete your smile. Below are some of your options for replacing single or multiple missing teeth.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are one of the most reliable and effective tooth replacement solutions available. They consist of titanium posts that go into your jaw to replace the root of your tooth and an artificial restoration to replace the crown. Implants can support numerous restorations, including dental crowns, dentures, and bridges.

Dental Bridges: If you have multiple missing teeth in a row, dental bridges may be an ideal solution for you. Our dental bridges can attach to your natural teeth or dental implants for support.

Dentures: Dentures come in two forms, partial and complete dentures. We recommend partial dentures when you have few teeth remaining and complete dentures to replace an entire set of teeth.

Enjoy Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Livonia

At the practice of Timothy Thomas, DDS, we are committed to enhancing your smile's aesthetics while protecting your overall well-being. As such, our Livonia cosmetic dentistry services consider the bigger picture to safeguard your oral health for the long term. Our team also understands that every patient has unique needs and tailors your treatment to suit your specific situation. Contact us today for personalized cosmetic dentistry in Livonia!


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